Lucky 3coins - 2018 - Technique.

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Lucky 3coins - 2018 - Technique.

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Lucky 3coins - 2018 - Technique.

Tie Lucky 3coins with red string and place in an Ang Pow envelope --- present it to your friends and relatives.

Giving Lucky 3coins tied with red string/ribbon symbolizes the sharing of wealth and luck. This is a very auspicious act and brings positive Feng Shui to both the giver and the receiver :vh: .

Ang Pow envelope.

Traditionally, Red Envelopes hold "lucky money" or small precious gifts such as gold or jade jewelry. They are used to enhance luck, prosperity and happiness.

The red envelope has positive good power to protect people from negative or bad energies.

More useful methods - for good wealth and luck.

1. Place Lucky 3coins in the purse/wallet.

2. Place Lucky 3coins where you keep your money in the home or office.

3. Place Lucky 3coins in your cash register.

4. Place Lucky 3coins in the front portion of your car.

5. Place Lucky 3coins together with sale invoices.

6. Place Lucky 3coins with Piyao.

7. Make Wealth Cures with Lucky 3coins.

8. Place Lucky 3coins with documents where you want money to come/return to you.

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