Angina gone!

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Angina gone!

Unread postby choesf » Thu May 19, 2016 10:55 am

Good morning, dear Master :D:

Yesterday, I received wonderful feedback at my blog regarding your amazing Black Fungus and overnight soaked oats natural health remedies. I have copied it below for you. :yp:

With love, light and peace :g ,

choesf :yp:

Joel Cohen said,
May 18, 2016 @ 6:31 PM

I had three Angina attacks in February 2016 on the tennis court, after only ten minutes of warming up! I am 72.

I had a major heart attack at 63, and have a stent. I refused drugs after experiencing major side effects.

Two months ago: Two cardiologists wanted either angioplasty or bypass surgery. I am not overweight, playing tennis almost daily for years. In the last year I ate a lot of pork, chicken, fish, some beef, all delicious; because the most modern pundits all say that saturated fat doesn’t cause coronary artery problems, nor heart attacks. They say it is sugar, the main problem. In any case, I found you and Master Atan. In addition to the doctors’ medication, I started the Black Fungus remedy on the same day! March 1, 2016.

In the first week I had three angina episodes, but they were different than the original ones. Originally I felt burning pain in the center solar plexus area of my chest, diagnosed as Angina. That is a code word, a euphemism, for a non-lethal heart attack during physical exertion.
But the next one could kill you!

It turned out that the main heart attack prevention drug, Isosorbide mononitrate, was giving me many side effects, including Angina pain. I thought it was a side effect because the pain was different and in a different place in my chest. The cardiologists both thought I needed surgery immediately because I was having Angina pain while on the medication. What’s worse is that Both Google and the doctors said I can’t stop the medication because if I do, I can have a major attack!

I went to sleep with the medicine in one hand and my emergency nitroglycerine pill in the other hand. I couldn’t bring myself to take the medicine. In the morning, I was very happy. I was still alive! I didn’t take it also the next day, 48 hours now without the medicine! Also, my side effects were gone, and no Angina! I was two weeks into the Black Fungus remedy!

Long story short, I finished the remedy, doing it for 40 days. I lost 12 pounds! I played tennis all the while, after two weeks on the fungus, with no pain! I play now for two hours with no problems, less tired, no fatigue, feeling younger, and having more energy! After 30 days my Lipid panel showed very low/normal cholesterol levels, and good triglycerides! My blood pressure wasn’t so bad at 130/80. It dropped to 120/70! Better!

Exercise will not prevent coronary artery disease in many people! I am proof! Jim Fix was a marathon runner who died of heart attack while running! I recommend moderate flesh ingestion, low refined carbs and no sugar products except dark chocolate and honey, all you want!! It is enough to keep your sweet tooth happy!

My regimen:
I had no red dates or anything but the fungus and ginger, along with other spices. My only fat is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I poach, don’t fry (except rarely in coconut oil). Using herbs and spices makes everything delicious! My sugar is honey!
During the remedy I did eat:
Week1: one chicken leg, no skin
Week 2: one fish filet poached with lots of spices added
Week 3: one chicken wing with part breast, no skin
Week 4: one small grilled fish
Since I have eaten anything I want, in moderation. I try to eat salad or cole slaw, every day. I don’t always make it. I still eat pasta once a week!
I drink orange juice and pomegranate juice, but sparingly.

1. Soak 2-3 tbs oatmeal overnight. Heat in the morning. Eat with cinnamon, cayenne, honey, turmeric in any combination you like!
I used 50gms fungus, not rinsed, no skimming the pot, no slicing, about 5 cups of water; adding water if necessary during the boil/simmer.
Soak 1 hour, then boil for 2 hours with 2″ sliced ginger. Treat as soup or tea. Tea: add lemon juice, honey, cinnamon! Soup: add garlic, cayenne. turmeric, anything. It already tastes of ginger! Don’t forget the ginger! It’s important! It’s a Black Fungus/Ginger remedy!

My list of natural foods that heal and/or thin blood, and make everything tasty to eat!:
Honey, Olive Oil (Extra Virgin), garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, onion, cinnamon, turmeric, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, fresh parsely, fresh basil leaves, hot black pepper, any chili peppers and hot sauces. All herbs and spices have healing properties. These also kill germs, viruses, bacteria!
Add dark chocolate for a happy life and lots of antioxidants!

They call me Black Fungus Man at the courts!

I can play three full sets of tennis in over two hours, sweat less, no fatigue, less tired, less need for water, still have strength and energy to run down balls and hit hard serves at the end of the last match. I and my partner just won the club championship in our level, B+!

All hint of Angina pain is gone!

Black Fungus is also a great detoxifying agent. Stinky poo is the proof!
It also helps with joint pain and arthritis. It is said it also prevents and may heal cancer. What does heal cancer is THC/CBD oil! All cancer!

Black Fungus/ginger and oatmeal remedy for cholesterol and arterial health is a miracle in my life! It will be in yours! It’s use can put the heart surgery and heart drug industry out of business!

Thank you very much!

Long healthy happy life life to all!
"If you need help - don't shut the door" - Master atan

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
:yp: :yp: :yp:

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