A Happy, Peaceful Year With Many Successes & Gui Ren

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A Happy, Peaceful Year With Many Successes & Gui Ren

Unread postby choesf » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:02 pm

Good afternoon, dear Master :D:

As in previous years with the approaching Chinese New Year and we have started the Dhealing How To Feng Shui 2018, I am reporting to you my family's experiences in the past year. :yp:

My family continues to enjoy meeting many Gui Ren whenever we were in need of help, such as a contractor who could repair and renovate our whole house at a reasonable price. Most importantly, he was able to solve our roof leaking problems finally, after 13 years of roof leaking in the bathrooms whenever it rained. Two previous contractors couldn't fix the problem. :vgood:

Many incidences happened that help to minimise problems for us - more like in the timing of the situation. For example :thinking :-

1) when my daughter's car battery died, it happened at home (and not at her office which is far away out of town) - so we just called our mechanic whose shop is just down the road from our house.

2) when another car suddenly had a flat tyre (punctured), it was realised at home on a Saturday (again, not at work for my husband) and he could easily drive the car slowly to a tyre shop nearby for repairs.

3) when my husband was on leave, while he was pumping air into his tyres, he suddenly noticed right in front of his eyes, a tear has strangely happened in one of his tyres and luckily he spotted it. Else it could have burst when he drove daily to work on the highway. So, it was a lucky timing and I was relieved that we caught the torn tyre in time. It was a new tyre and had to be replaced. Safety first! Phew! :lol:

4) I noticed many times, that when I had completely finished cooking then only my gas tank ran out of gas.

We met many helpful people/Gui Ren - like I was looking for sour sop tree saplings and sour sop leaves for a long time for doing my gallbladder flush - a plant nursery owner was very kind to tell me to help myself (free of charge) to his two sour sop leaves from his two trees that were planted outside his compound. I bought 2 young soursop plants which I just potted today.

Whenever my family had some serious health ailments - we were able to find the right Chinese physician (like the contractor who suddenly mentioned about a good accupressure practitioner), Western doctor, or natural health remedies to solve the problems easily. :vh:

Life is getting easier and more comfortable for my husband and I - one of our sons lalready graduated with superb results in December last year, and he will be working soon. Another son will be graduating in March this year - he has only 2 subjects to do. So, in a few months time, all my children will be independent financially and working already.

Financial wise, there were many strange incidences that somehow, we ended up saving quite a lot of money - for example when we were looking for a new sofa set, we stumbled onto a furniture fair and the timing was such that there was a big discount offered on the last day of the fair - like 40% to 50% for our leather sofa and LaZboy.

So, that is my report for the past lunar year. I am always very grateful for Master's Dhealing Feng Shui and Spiritual Techniques, for they have certainly to help improve my family's situation and made life smoother. Any problems were easily "gowdim" :lol: :claphand:

With love, peace and joy :g ,

choesf :respect: :yp:
"If you need help - don't shut the door" - Master atan

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Re: A Happy, Peaceful Year With Many Successes & Gui Ren

Unread postby master » Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:03 am

Very nice. :vh:

I am glad good things happened in many ways for you and your family.

master atan.

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