Log in - log off problems

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Log in - log off problems

Unread postby atan » Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:53 am

Dear Master,

Wish you a happy new year and hope you happy always Smile

I am experiencing some problems with the new forum. I have registered successfully, and also already activated my account via link that sent to my email account.

Everytime when I try to log in, the system will logged me off automatically and immediately. I can't even post, reply, and change my settings.

My id in the new forum: MWB

Thank you.



This is normally a cookie issue. Usually it is resolved by logging in the forum (not checking remember me) and clicking the 'delete board cookies' link on the index page. This removes the forum cookie form their browser. Its best to also delete browser temp files and clear the browser cache, close the browser completely (even windows not open to yur forum) and then restart the browser and log on.

If they cannot stay logged on long enough to use the link on the index page then they will need to use the delete cookies option in their browser.

Other things that can cause issues with the cookie (which holds the info so they stay logged on, what posts are not read yet and so on) is if their security is set to not accept cookies, they will need adjust their security or if they are running a web accelerator which they would need to turn off.
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