Need energy for my IVf / IUI treatment

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Need energy for my IVf / IUI treatment

Unread postby Green » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:13 pm

Dear and respected Master Atan ? Dear and Respected Rozalia

From tromorrow March 1,2012 my doctor will decide which treatment I will go through this month , last month as I requested prayer for good folicle size and miraculasly I got 2 good sized folicle , But unfortunatley I didnt get through , this month I will again go for the process to get my sleve concieved via IVF / IUI . If i have a good number and size of folicles doctor will go for IVF as they need 5/6 good size of folicle if not they will go for IUI .

Please Please Please I need lots of prayer this process is costly too,plz pray for a successful process and pray for me to have good number and good sized folicles also I need prayers that my husband get good and strong number of sperm count . I know miracles happen through prayers .

I have placed elephand in my badroom its a pair of three not too big and made by wood I asked a friend to bring me SCC will inform u when I will get them.

please rozailia submit my prayers.
yours thankful green(tooba)

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