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Thermal Massage Beds - FAQ - 溫熱醫治按摩床 - 常見問題

Unread postby master » Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:43 pm

Thermal Massage Beds - FAQ - 溫熱醫治按摩床 - 常見問題

Here is my FAQs on thermal massage beds. This is based on my experiences and knowledge on trying out these beds. I hope that this information will be helpful when one is testing out any of these beds.

Q1. What are thermal massage beds ?
A1. It a type of beds that use heating and various forms of energy to correct one's health problems. They are equipped with roller massage, tapping massage, or vibration massage functions.

Q2. What are the benefits of using controlled heating ?
A2. When the temperature reaches about 40 degrees Celsius, our good cells will be stronger and more active. However, the bad cells, especially cancer cells, will weaken or die at this temperature.

Q3. What forms of energy is this bed equipped with ?
A3. It has energies like negative ions, far infrared rays , ultra long waves, and others like Silver and Negative Electron Potential.

Q4. How do negative ions heal ?
Q4. How negative ions affect our bodies -

Blood vessels [tab=116] Dilate blood vessels
Blood Pressure [tab=103] Stabilize BP
Blood[tab=164] Increase blood alkalinity
Bones [tab=160] Strengthen bones
Urinary tract [tab=112] Promote urination,increase nitrogen in urine
Respiratory [tab=123] Stabilize respiration and make breathing easier
Pulse rate [tab=133] Decrease pulse rate
Heart [tab=160] Enhance heart function
Fatigue [tab=147] Speed physical recovery
Growth [tab=148] Promote healthy growth
Autonomic Nervous System [tab=16] Calm and relax nerves

Q5. What can infrared rays help ?
A5. Here are some of remedies from infrared rays.
1. For Pain Relief
2. Reduce Stress and Fatigue
3. Improve Blood Circulation
4. Remove Harmful Toxins
5. Improve Immune System

Q6. How effective is the bed massage ?
A6. A bed mechanical massage will have the following effects :-
1. Relieves stress and tension.
2. Relaxes the mind and body.
3. Increases blood oxygenation and circulation.
4. Aids in the removal of toxic wastes.
5. Provides relief from head, neck and shoulder aches.

Q7. What is silver remedy ?
A7. Usually, the silver lining cloth is located on the surface of the bed. It can remedy/counter infection , is good for detoxification, and keep the bed clean.

Q8. What is ultra long wave ?
A8. This safe magnetic wave can remedy many illnesses like :-

1) Penetrates our body to uproot the cause of sickness
2) Gives heat to the body and stimulate the metabolism of cells.
3) Improve blood circulation by vibrating the red blood cells
4) Stimulates the synthesis of new and old cells. It improves body's immune system.
5) Improve healing process together with intake of medicine.
6) Take care of kidneys and enhance hormone excretion

Q9. Are the beds equipped with others healing tools ?
A9. Some are equipped with magic pens, other has hand held rollers made of jade, tourmaline or germanium.

Q10. What is a magic pen ?
A10. It is a handheld instrument that is use to stimulate acupuncture points - by using safe current.

Q11. What rollers are used ?
A11. Usually, the handheld rollers have 3 to 5 pointed jade/others, some come with vibration. When used, one can move it to any safe part of the body for healing.

Q12. Is the thermal massage bed safe for everyone ?
A12. It is important to notify the supplier or center manage if one has a medical condition, before use.

Q13. What about pregnant women ?
A13. Usually the center manager won't allow pregnant women to use the massage bed.

Q14. What is the maximum or minimum age of a person for using the massage bed ?
A14. A person of any age can use these massage beds. However for the free trial service, a age limit can be set at 20 years above or 30 years above. The best is to consult the center manager for more clarification before use.

Q15. How about the clothing worn when one is using the free trial services ?
A15. One is fully clothed. It is preferable to bring your own towel to put on the bed before laying down - for hygiene purposes.

Q16. What sort of items must be removed from my body before using the bed ?
Q16. Mobile or cell phones, car or house keys, and belts should be removed and kept in the basket provided.

Q17. What should I do during the 40 minutes session ?
A17. You should try to stay relaxed and minimize body movement.

Q18. What should I do after the 40 minutes session ?
A18. Immediately drink one glass of water to flush out toxins.

Q19. Can I take a shower after the 40 minute session ?
A19. Not immediately, as the body is still warm from the healing. However, one can shower one hour later.

Q20. What can I do to make the healing better or more effective ?
A20. In the morning drink at least two glasses of water before brushing your teeth - this will help to flush out more toxins and keep your body temperature at normal.

Q21. Can pregnant women use the massage beds ?
A21. Not advisable for pregnant women. However, after giving birth, the massage bed is very good for postpartum recovery.

Q22. How ofter can I use the massage beds ?
A22. For free services - one session per day. If you buy one, you can use it for 3 times per day ?

Q23. When happens if I get a healing crisis. ?
A23. You need to inform the center manager or stop using the massage bed for few days.

Q24. What advice do you give to those who has a pacemaker implanted ?
A24. They are not advise to use the massage beds as some beds has healing energy that can weaken the pacemaker's battery.

Q25. What advice you give for those with metal inserts in their body ?
A25. You need to inform the center manager about them for further instructions - usually, they place a towel over that part of the body with metal inserts to prevent them from damage during the massage.

Q26. Should I stop my medication ?
A26. Not advisable, unless advised by your medical doctor.

Q27. How safe are the massage beds ?
A27. Most technology that is in use is more than 50 years old. Many books had been published on their safety and usage. My personally experiences so far - no known side effects.

Q28. What healing advice do I need to follow in order for me to heal better ?
A28. Eat right and sleep right. Sleep at 11 pm and try not to eat meat and oily foods after 8.00 pm, The body internal organs need to detoxify themselves from 11.00 pm to 3.00 am.



Q1。 溫熱按摩床是什麼?

Q2。 使用控制加熱有什麼好處?

Q3。 什麼形式的能量是這樣的床配有嗎?

Q4。 負離子如何醫治?
A4。負離子如何影響我們的身體 -

血壓 [tab=108]穩定血壓
脈率 [tab=109]降低脈率

Q5。 紅外線幫助嗎?

Q6。 床按摩的效果如何?
A6。一張床按摩機械將有以下效果: -

Q7。 銀的補救措施是什麼?

Q8。 超長波是什麼?
A8。這種安全的電磁波可以解決許多疾病,如: -


Q9。 床配備了其他治療工具?

Q10。 魔術針是什麼?
A10。這是一種手持式儀器使用 - 使用安全電流刺激穴位。

Q11。 手持輥的玉石是什麼?

Q12。 溫熱按摩床上,每個人都安全嗎?

Q13。 孕婦可以使用溫熱按摩床上?

Q14。 什麼是最大或最小年齡的人使用按摩床上嗎?

Q15。 如何穿服裝,當一個人使用的免費試用服務?
A15。正常服裝。最好是帶上自己的毛巾,把在床上鋪設前 - 用於衛生目的。

Q16。 用床之前,什麼樣的物件不能放在身體?

Q17。 40分鐘治療過程中,我該怎麼辦?

Q18。 後40分鐘治療,我該怎麼辦?

Q19。 我可以洗澡嗎?

Q20。 我能做些什麼使癒合的更好或更有效呢?
A20。在早上醒來喝至少兩杯水 - 這將有助於沖洗掉更多的毒素,你的身體保持在正常的溫度。

Q21。 孕婦可以使用的按摩床?

Q22。 一天我可以使用按摩床多少次?
A22。免費服務 - 每一天的一次治療。如果你買一個,你可以用它每天3次?

Q23。 如果我得到一個癒合的危機。 ?

Q24。 你有什麼建議給那些誰已植入心臟起搏器?

Q25。 你有什麼建議給那些與金屬嵌在自己的身體嗎?
A25。 你需要,通知中心經理對他們作進一步的說明 - 通常,他們把一條毛巾,身體與金屬嵌件,以防止他們在按摩的過程中損壞的那部分。

Q26。 [b]我應該停止我的藥物嗎?


Q27。 按摩床的安全性如何?
A27。正在使用的大多數技術是超過50歲。已經出版了許多書籍,對他們的安全和使用。我的親身經歷至今 - 沒有已知的副作用。

Q28。 什麼癒合的意見,我需要遵循以,我就醫治更好?


大師 atan - 柔佛 - 馬來西亞

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Re: Thermal Massage Beds - FAQ - 溫熱醫治按摩床 - 常見問題

Unread postby master » Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:51 pm

Thermal Message Bed - Nuga Best.


This is one of the thermal message bed offer free to use - no limit in Malaysia. :vh:

I recommended this product because it is available in about 100 Countries and about 60 center in Malaysia and Singapore.

I personally feel it is a very good product - it cost about USD3,300.00 in Malaysia.


I like the below product and bought one, recommended to my brother - he also bought one . I had personally witness many lower body sickness been fully remedy with this NM75 - it is a good buy. Cost around USD800.00

NM-75 is very portable and is ideal for the use on a chair to provide warmth and the health benefits while sitting.
NM-75 helps to relieve poor blood circulation problems of legs caused by long hours of sitting.
NM-75 is constructed using the special nano ceramic 'Tourmanium' which, enables comfort with deep heat and provide improvement of blood circulation.
NM-75 is different from heat cushions available by other manufacturers, using the patented nano ceramic of Nuga Best, it provides not only deep heat but other health beneficial such as FIR and Anions.
Also it is specially designed to block any harmful Electro-magnetic waves and the water strata effects.

Tourmanium acts as the heat conducting element and also its shape provides acupressure sensations to the users.
Also the two knobs in the middle of the cushion is a special feature where it is placed at the anus and also at the prostate or the genital area, providing improvement to urogenital functions.



Feed back - 62 year old.

Before I had Prostate Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Tiredness, Fatigue. I used to just sit at home after work and felt unfit and very tired.
I felt my life was put on hold, Didn't fancy going to the gym, but still paid the monthly fee.

Now, I made full recovery (After Chemo therapy and with Nuga Best NM-5000 - No Cancer), High Blood Pressure is Normal, More Energy, Less Fatigue. I had Blood test with GP last week, the results were ALL normal.
I feel 10 years younger, much more energized, more positive outlook on life. Love going to the gym. I love travelling again.
Playing with the grand children in the park. My colleagues at work say I look great again.

Source ---- Nuga Best Malaysia

Nuga best Center

master atan.


這是一個溫熱醫治按摩床 提供免費使用 - 馬來西亞沒有限制使用。

丽可溫熱醫治按摩床 - 我推薦這個產品,因為它是在大約100個國家和地區,並在馬來西亞和新加坡的60中心。

我個人覺得這是一個很好的產品 - 它的成本約為3,300.00美元在馬來西亞。


我喜歡下面的丽可產品,買了一個,建議我的弟弟 - 他也買了一台。我曾親眼目睹許多下半身的疾病得到了充分的補救措施,這NM75 - 這是一個不錯的選擇。耗資約USD800.00



tourmanium 作為導熱元件,並且它的形狀提供給用戶的指壓按摩的感覺。



反饋 - 62歲。


現在,我做了充分的恢復(在化療後治療和NUGA的的NM-5000 - 沒有癌症),血壓高是正常的,更多的能源,減少疲勞。 GP上週我有血液測試,結果均正常。


來源---- 丽可馬來西亞


大師 atan - 柔佛 - 馬來西亞

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