Dhealing 10 Do's for 2013

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Dhealing 10 Do's for 2013

Unread postby master » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:08 pm

Chinese Year 2013 is a good year whereby we have an opportunity to multiply the effect of our good deeds many times over. The merits gained from those deeds will be very useful for many years ahead of us. :vh:

Here are some of the tips on how we can do some good.

  1. Do give food and clothing to your friends who are now having a tough time in their life.
  2. Do place one SCC in the North sector of your friends' house, if they are now having a tough time in their life.
  3. Do a Bird Release Ceremony for your friend who is sick, or who is now having a tough time in their life.
  4. Do remember and help all those who had helped you when you were having a tough time in your life.
  5. Do respect and Pray to your God and ancestors.
  6. Do take care of your health ( food and drinks ).
  7. Do follow the Dhealing Feng Shui techniques.
  8. Do follow the Dhealing Spiritual techniques.
  9. Do a small Donation.
  10. Do remember to come back to Dhealing forum.

Written by master atan.

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Good Luck

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