[2] Pterocypsela indica (L.) C. Shih - 红鵝菜

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[2] Pterocypsela indica (L.) C. Shih - 红鵝菜

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Goose vegetable #1 - 鹅菜.jpg
Goose vegetable #1 - 红鹅菜

This is a very good vegetable plant - one can continue to harvest from the bottom to top, it can grow up to 6 ft.

It is sweet and smooth - taste better then most vegetable.

Some believed that it is good for the knee and liver.

I grown 40 of this plant in my garden - it is not easy to get this vegetable in the market, many people asked me for it.


Goose Vegetable #2 鵝菜.jpg
Goose vegetable #2 - 红鹅菜

这是一个非常好的蔬菜 - 单可继续从底部到收获到顶部,它可以长到6英尺

它是甜和滑- 口感更好那么大多数的蔬菜。


莖: 莖中空,高大直立草本,高可達2m。

葉: 葉序互生,葉形變化極大,線形、長橢圓形至披針形,葉全緣至深羽裂。

我在我的花园里种植这种植物 - 这是不容易得到这种蔬菜在市场上。

Goose Vegetable #3 鵝菜.jpg
Goose vegetable #3 - 红鹅菜

Red leaves one is sweet and has medicinal properties .


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