Wu lou or gourd or calabash

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Wu lou or gourd or calabash

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Posted by phoenix188: Sat Apr 29, 2006 2:46 pm Post subject: Wu lou or gourd or calabash

Wu lou or gourd, or calabash is an object that traditional feng shui practitioners used to counter the sickness star 2. The annual star 2 of 2006 is located in the southeast direction, that's why we recommend that a wu lou or similar be placed at that direction.

The following are extracts from internet:
It is the powerful symbol of health, longevity and prosperity. Many deities like Sau Sing Kung (in 3 Lucky Stars Fuk Luk Sau), Mad Monk God (Chai Kung) and Li Tieh Kuai (in 8 Immortals) carry this excellent item with them. In ancient times, Chinese use gourds as water or chinese wine containers to fulfill their journeys and keep them alive. It is also used to contain medicine and therefore has become a powerful symbol of health. The shape of the wu lou is also a representation of heaven and earth united together: the top half is heaven and the bottom, earth and when used by human, is the wonderful integration of heaven, earth and mankind. The deities and taoist monks even uses the Wu Lou to absorb bad evil spirits into it for imprisonment. Therefore Wu Lou has the potency to absorb bad chi.
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