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Career Choice & Industries

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Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 11:04 am Post subject:

I copied the following references a long time ago, can't remember it's source Some are contradicting as well. For example: a manager in a restaurant which is of fire industry, since s/he organizes and makes decisions, in addition to fire industry, it also involves water (for wisdom and communication) and metal (decision making) industries. So use your own judgement and careful analysis.

May I just add that your kua number is of one element, it does not necessarily be the same as the element in your Bazi. For example my kua number 7 is metal, but my Bazi element is water. Have fun :D

Element : Metal
Industry : Law firms, bank, Government Office, Weaponary, Hunting, Fencing, Exercise Equipment, Automotive Dealer, Electrical Shop, Financial Industry Workforce, Stockbroking Agency, Police Enforcement, Legal Profession, Science and Research Center, Machinery, Transportation, Engineering, Mining, Jewelry, Security Guard...

Element : Wood
Industry : Furniture, Paper, Education, Wood Craft, Clothing, Human Culture, Book, Design Studio, Fabric, Planting, Farming, Horticulture, Gardening, Foresting, Sawmill, Hospital, Medicare, Artist, Doctor, Pharmacy, Teacher, Professor, Priest, Office Administrator...

Element : Water
Industry : Service based Business, Drinks, Labor, Maid Agency, Sea Food, Shipping, Water Power Plant, Tea House, Swimwear, Travel Agency, Insurance Agency, Money Changer, Trading, Water Filter, Internet, Magician, Mathematicians, Philosopher, Diplomat...

Element : Fire
Industry : Food, Restaurant, News, Magazine, Telecommunication, Air Freight, Power Plant, Fuel, Cosmetic, Public Relation, Advertising, Man Power, Fast Food, Fashion Designer, Writer, Movie maker, Nurse, Fundraiser, Receptionist, Psychologist...

Element : Earth
Industry : Real Estate, Financial Center, Pawnshop, Pottery, Antique Shop, Consultancy, Accounting, Funeral, Church, Gemstone, Marble, Fortune Teller, Feng Shui Consultant, Builder, Share and Security Broker, Architect, Gardener, Farmer...
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