The meaning of the Nine Stars

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The meaning of the Nine Stars

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Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 5:23 pm by Shashi21

The luck of the nine numbers changes with period. In some periods for example in period 7 (1984 to 2004), number 7 star was very auspicious and could bring wealth energy. But in period 8, number 7 star had become inauspicious and could bring violent energy. Since we are now living in Period 8 (2004-2024), to cut short and simplify things, we only need to know the following luck of different stars during this period:

1 White - Future Prosperity Star which brings career success, academic success and good relationship. It is also the star that blesses one with good reputation, fame, well being of politicians and upgrading of official rank.

2 Black - Illness Star which brings long term incurable diseases and sicknesses. At a milder level, it normally gives gynaecology problems, intestinal inflammation, private part and armpit diseases.

3 Red - Quarrelsome Star which brings gossips, disputes, chaos, havoc and quarrelsome energy. It normally makes people absent minded leading them to doing wrong things, making a people mean in their body language and making people unfavourable to their spouses.

4 Green - This star has the positive and negative aspects in Period 8. On the good side, this Romance and Academic Star brings new romances and education excellence. It enhances wisdom and favorable for those involved in cultural arts and school examinations. It strengthens fast thinking and result in tremendous progress in studies. But because of its instability in this period, its weakness side could result in wine and sex, courting disasters, sexual scandals, suicide and liver problems.

5 Yellow - Fatality and Bankruptcy Star which is will bring the worst luck compared to all other stars and it is deadly. This fierce evil star will bring calamity, work obstructions, family damage, injuries, incurable diseases, death and including evil possession. It is the number one evil star.

6 White - Heaven Luck Star which brings potential windfall, wealth and good blessings, but this star is a bit weak in Period 8. This star is especially helpful for people who wish to migrate to other places or working overseas. It will bring nobleman's luck and benefactors so that work could be carried out smoothly.

7 Red - Violent Star that brings injuries, burgalary, fire and lawsuits. This star brings financial losses due to vile characters and a lot of disputes in every aspect of life, either at home or at work. It could also cause surgery due to repiratory and lung infections.

8 White - Wealth and Prosperity Star which is the luckiest of all stars. It brings fortune, nobility, favorable promotion, salary increment, smooth wealth luck, good health and career success.

9 Purple - Magnifying Star which magnify the effects of other stars be it good or bad. This is also our secondary wealth star because next period is Period 9 and this made it a Future Wealth Star and Happiness Star. It brings joyous occasions such as child birth, promotion, marriage luck, favorable investment yields, good support from benefactors and property revenues.
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