Lo Shu and Period 8 Charts

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Lo Shu and Period 8 Charts

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Tue Nov 14, 2006 2:26 pm Post subject: Lo Shu and Period 8 Charts

Hi Everybody,

The first chart is called the Lo Shu meaning the book/map of River Lo. It is also known as Ti Pan showing Earth energy pattern. The second chart shows the qi distribution of our current Period 8 stars, this chart is valid until February 2024. It's more meaningful when it's combined with the annual star chart.

I've copied the historical background on Lo Shu written by our member Boss in another thread: Quote
The tortoise was supposed to emerge from the Lo River in China with the Lo Shu square that unlocked the secrets of the Pa Kua. The tortoise carried the Lo Shu square of numbers on its back to Fu Hsi, said to be the first emperor of China. Fu Hsi (or Lao Tsi as some believe) is then said to have written the I Ching or Book of Changes, from which most feng shui theories are based. Some of course believe it is the Lady of the Nine Heavens who granted mankind knowledge of feng shui.

The tortoise is said to conceal within its shell patterns all the secrets of heaven and earth. The tortoise that swam towards Fu Hsi had nine numbers, in the form of dots, arranged in a three-by-three grid pattern. The numbers were arranged so that they added up to fifteen whether lengthways, sideways or diagonally. Fifteen is the number of days it takes for the moon to complete one waxing or waning cycle. The succeeding Lo Shu square became the basis of Taoist rituals. Two of feng shui's most powerful schools, the Eight Mansions and Flying Star schools, are based on the Lo Shu square coupled with knowledge about the Eight Trigrams, the Five Elements and compass directions.

The number of dots arranged on the tortoise's back are as follows when turned into numerals; 492, 357 and 816. Place the three digits in descending order and you get the Lo Shu square, with each line adding up to 15. Unquote
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