Personal Reading Request

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Personal Reading Request

Unread postby kaidai » Sun May 24, 2009 11:03 pm


I was wondering if anyone could give me more insight into my personal reading.

October 15, 1985
1-3 AM period (Pacific time)

辛 丁 丙 乙
丑 亥 戌 丑

So basically to my understanding, the ideal career for me would be something in Arts/Design/Broadcasting because I'm suppose to be the type that requires constant change. I should also move out of my birth place/country and develop elsewhere because it is more beneficial for me. In terms of wealth, I would be well off when I retire but in the mean time, I will have to work hard for it. I also will have trouble keeping wealth as it comes and goes in my life. I could potentially be married pretty late in life and perhaps to an older women.

Now can someone confirm if I'm right? And perhaps give more information/specific time frames to things happening?

In particular I'm wondering when the right women will show up in my life and when will my career actually take off (which field)/move to another country.


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Re: Personal Reading Request

Unread postby phoenix188 » Sat May 30, 2009 12:11 am

Dear kaidai,

We all want to know and understand our destiny; how to plan and pave a smooth path to walk along :)

Your Day Master is weak, and you dislike being controlled. Arts/Design will come under wood element, it is your favorable element because of your weak Day Master. However, I would classify Broadcasting under fire element, which is also your favorable element. Wealth is also your spouse element, your marriage palace indicates a good relationship with your wife. Even though you may think that you will marry later in life, you should be reminded that our destiny is constantly under the yearly and monthly influences as well, not forgetting the peach blossom luck. Your new 10-year luck cycle which started in 2008 indicates that you are into your career luck, by choosing the right career will bring you satisfaction :)

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With love and blessings
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